Grouping multiple items into one item

I am working on a project right now and i have made a cube within the engine,and added a text to each side of the cube,so i have 6 numbers, from one to 6 and i would like to add some animation for the cube,but i need to make the numbers to move along with the cube,so i need to group all of the numbers together with the cube as a single object(Please correct me if i’m wrong), so my question is, how can i do that? Is there a button i need to press when i highlight all of them?

You can put both mesh into a blueprint as components, and then drag the blueprint into the level. Or you can shift-select each and, I think, it’s shift+G? Not positive the group hotkey, but once selected, right-click on one and group options should be there. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

You can attach component to each other via Blueprint function Attach To.

Or, if they are components in Component list you can simply drag’n’drop one to another and then if you will modify parent transform(Move, Rotate and scale) each child will get same changes + will keep own local transformations