Grouping + BSP UE4 4.6

Hi there,

I have been using grouping in our levels with BSP. However, it seems really unreliable in its functionality.

Like right now, I can not enable group select mode, I can not group things. It just is not working at all. Yet 10 minutes before this post… it was working.

Currently I am adjusting BSP in another “level” in the levels list. The level I am editing in is currently active (set as the working level). I have even changed the keyboard shortcuts, restarted the editor, no luck.

Am I missing something here about grouping? It is really frustrating. We rely on grouping a lot for the BSP block outs. Since blueprints can’t use BSP, groups are the only thing I can use for… grouping our bsp.

Help… anyone.


Edit: Just to update. The hotkeys do not seem to work for allow group selection. When I went and checked the window I was working in, it was disabled. Using the hotkey does not re-enable it for me. I had to manually turn it on again in the settings menu of the viewport.

I also ran into this “problem”.

I think it’s “STRG+Shift+G” - this disables Grouping in UE4. Also make sure to save+restart UE4 after you changed this.
Not sure if it enables it also…?

STRG? Do you mean CTRL? Just shifted over the keys a bit? hehe

yeah, i meant CTRL

(it’s STRG in germany // “control” <-> “steuerung”) :slight_smile:

ooooooooh, I learned something else new hehe. I will have to remember this when dealing with folks using German keys in the future haha.