Group of actors at distance, individually selectable closer

Hey all,

I need a function in my game where at a distance, hovering over a group of objects in the scene highlights all of them to show they are clickable, when clicked on the group the camera then moves in closer and the individual objects highlight individually on hover and are each clickable.
Is the best way of doing this just simply switching out the actors based on distance or is it possible to do this only using blueprints?

I will have many groups of objects in the scene, so a reusable blueprint approach would be a better solution.


Hi man , Sure you can do it all this by blueprint.
We surely need more detail to be sure but the best way seems to make a smart camera.
The objects thierself should highlight themself if they are in the spot of the camera.
And if you select on kind of ojbect , you should send an array to the blueprint of your camera.
The camera should check, if you have something selected. if yes
calcolate the middle point of the location of all the object selected , so you lerp the camera from his position to the position she can see the middlepoint of the selected.

Thanks for the info.
Basically, it’s a city where from a higher point of view the districts (or groups of buildings) need to be highlighted and selectable, but closer in the individual buildings need to be selectable.
The camera movement side of things is simple but the highlighting/selecting is what I want more info on…but what you’re saying about storing the items in an array for both bulk selecting and individual selecting makes a lot of sense, I just have think about the logic of it…