Group Matinee Problems

I’ve noticed that whenever setting up a matinee to do some simple looping movement for a group of actors, it uses the same location values for all of them, instead of their own location values. For example, say I have a box made up of 4 walls in Paper2D mode (this should be similar in 3d modes, too, though). When I select all actors and add them to a group in matinee and then set a movement track, they all get condensed down to the same X,Z point instead of staying as a box.

Is there any way to group actors and use a matinee for them so they maintain their original locations, and just move relative to those as part of the matinee? I’ve gotten this working somewhat by rotating two of the walls so that they have the same X,Z values but go in different directions, but I can’t do that in such a way where all 4 walls have the same X,Z location.

Thoughts? I’ve already tried creating a group with the actors and adding that, as well as attaching each to the next one, but the locations always get reset as part of the matinee.

I have the same issue, have you found a way around this?

The best solution I found was to add the actors to the level and then select all of them and convert them to a composite blueprint, and then add that new combined actor to the movement group. It’ll retain movement correctly going forward.

However, any scripting you have for any separate components will not function. As an example, I had disabled collision for one of the walls of a box, and it did not recognize that when they were combined.

That’s odd…there must be another way to individually affect separate actors, i need to make a set of platforms that act independently from one another …i know there is a blueprint function to automate actors mentioned in this video :

Do you reckon this method can be applied to platforms?

I’m not sure of how to do it, but I assume there must be a way. If nothing else, setting a timeline or loop to change the relative position of an actor could be copied and pasted to multiple actors. The extent of my knowledge only covers 2D Sprites, though; I’ve only seen those tutorials and worked with that in UE4. I’ll update this if I ever find a better way, though. There probably is one, but I don’t know it yet. Let me know if you make progress, as well!

Hi guys, i have the same issue … anyone have a good solution?

Hi again guys, i have found one solution … i don’t know if is the best one, but work for me.

i have a Floor and two StaticMeshActor over the floor, so i create a Attach Actor to Actor from Event Begin Play in the Level Blueprint. In Parent Actor: Floor, in Target the two staticmeshactors In Socket Name: None and Attach Location Type: Keep World Position.

Then, in the Matinee only need to move the Floor

Work perfect for me !!