Ground truth ambient occlusion?

I guess efforts are concentrated on distance field ao (terribly glitchy with thin geometry) and raytraced shadows (requires specialized hardware), but is there any effort made towards ground truth ambient occlusion?

(I got this image from a Unity asset, and there’s actually several of them for Unity, and at least this one works very, very well.)

I ask, because I got really strange results on an outdoor scene I’m working on in Unreal:

I also would love GTAO in UE4 because it works very well in VR when using deferred shading in Unity. Honestly DFAO is pretty cheap and should work well in VR as well as its physically based but it seems nobody at epic is putting the work into fixing DFAO to be able to be used in VR. Something in the engine basically disables DFAO the moment you disable SSAO in the engine ini. The DF shadows work extremally well and if a developer would like to reach “No Man Sky Level” quality in VR Unreal engine can’t do this unless we go with nvidia’s source build with HBAO or go to Unity.

Nobody in Epic is fixing dithering for forward shaded AO either, so AO is unusable in VR in Unreal.

Trello :smiley: