ground slam attack

Hi guys so im trying to achieve an attack which creates a visible shockwave across the ground when my character lands that damages surrounding enemies … How would you guys go about creating such a thing ?? im making a third person game

Shockwave is emitter task… its hard to explain how to make that fx but it is easy imo if you want simple fx (use cylinder location with face spawn, spawn few clouds rapidly and then kill emitter).
As fx spawn location it depends how you want dead damage etc… but if i have to do this i would use forward vector * some distance, if you have hilly terrain use spawn location with trace imo.

Damage dealing may by somethink like: attack → create box/sphere in front of yourself or where you attack → get overlapping actors → apply damage.
If you want damage only actors who stands on the ground, then in overlapping loop check their movement → is falling? If false then do damage…