Ground Branch Tech Preview


We’ve finally got something to share with the community!

The tech previews is completely free, so please grab a copy and tell us what you think on the forums.

For more information and a download link, visit the official Ground Branch website.

Grabbing this as soon as I get home. Looks great Kris.

Awesome work! it’s coming along very nicely, been looking forward to Ground Branch for years and was really glad to see you guy’s switched to UE4.

Great work guys. Been following for a long time.

I would love to help with the development, if you need it. I gave up on my (honestly massive) project 4 years ago, called CQB that I was developing using the UDK, due to work commitments.

looking great, lots of awesome details that bring it up

one thing I didn’t particularly like is how small the lens is on-screen when using the sniper rifle. to me it feels it’d be painful to see and aim. and as you’re going for realism, I’d argue that when you use a sniper rifle you’d put it directly into your eye socket.
also if you’re sniping it’s nice when games don’t let you see the surroundings so you can get suprised by other players cause you don’t see them :slight_smile: