Ground aura effect

Hi Guys!
I trying to do a aura effect on ground, when aura moving it is still aligned to ground like in picture below.

Anyone have any tips how to do it?
Better use particles or light function?

Perry Milton

You might be able to create a texture mask and implement the glowing as an emissive material.

You wouldn’t mind if it was looking odd for a slope then do a particle effect. I would suggest an animated decal if possible haven’t tried that.

Dharwin: Yeah i got it :wink:
DieByZer0: Decals look’s like a good solution. I dig more and Basic Decals doc say “Decals are Materials that are projected onto meshes in your level, including Static Meshes and Skeletal Meshes. These meshes can have a Mobility setting of Static or Movable and the Decal will still project on them.”
If anyone have made that before, confirmation will be a appreciate.

Hi Pmlvl,

As DieByZer0 suggested animated decals are possible. In our Content Examples project from Marketplace > Open Level > Decals.umap.

This has plenty of decal examples for you to look through. The last example is an animated decal material to give you an idea.

There are plenty of examples of the decal being projected on static meshes and skeletal meshes as well. There are even examples to show you how to exclude them (check box in their details panel) from having decals affect them.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


It might be worth making a Blueprint that aligns the particle/decal to the average normal of the surface it’s facing as well (relative to Z-Up in world space). That way, you’ll reduce banding and stretching on more angular surfaces.

Tim Hobson: Thank You Tim you are very good man!
TheJamsh: Thank You for answer. This is very good point, thank you.

Perry M