Groovy a game project

Hi everyone!
Groovy! Is the our first game on the Unreal Engine 4

The game that was developed by our team, just for fun. We just played it in his office competed with each other.
But at some point we realized, that from this can get quite serious project.

And we tackled it thoroughly, that would make her a brilliant and very fun game.
Groovy is a championship of agility, speed and attentiveness.

Here there are procedural and random elements, the levels are transformed after each restart.
Also, we have introduced the so-called a hyper levels is when within one level the hero is teleported to different game modes all in one game rhythm, it’s incredibly fun!
All this makes the Groove are crazy-fun and very challenging game.

Also, for it we have developed a website where they will appear players’ rankings.

Features of the game:

  • 45 levels
  • 3 totally different game modes - Arcade, Turbo, Survive
  • Dozens of custom skins for Groovy!
  • Online rank for all players
  • 50 audio tracks, in the style of Dance, Techno, Trance
  • Special sound fx and i call this aero-music, is synchronized with the movement of the ball, it’s very fun, it can be attributed this game to the category of musical arcades.

We started this project development in November 2014
Final release in May, 2015

But now, we going to Steam GreenLight, i think, we have something to show.

Greenlight page

Best wishes, for best community!
And special thanks to the development team Unreal Engine 4!
You have created and continue to create a stunning product, just Unreal!

and StormGS Team

excellent, good luck with GREENLIGHT!

Thanks The Britain! Glad, that you liked!

And hi everyone!
Add a little bit screenshots, about WIP on the Survive Mode inside GROOVY world!
Do you want to play with it?

In this Friday we uploading a demo version, a first game mode - ARCADE

And i say, the first player who can go through 3 levels, and send me a video how is to do it.
Let choose, any game from Steam and i buy it to him.

What do you think, how many people on the planet, will be able to run 100 meters in less than 10 seconds?
And how many people on the planet, will be able to hold his breath under water for more than 4 minutes?
So, the number of people who will go through the first 3 levels can be compared to numbers of these people.
Good luck!
And Best wishes!






Reminds me of Kula World meets Tron!

Awesome, awesome awesome!

Keep up the work; Let me know where I can follow it’s progress!

on our greenlight page in this Friday

i also think, maybe, this thread correctly post, on Release Project, and not Work in Progress, what you think about it?

Love the idea, love the graphics, very colourful!

You’ve got my vote on greenlight :slight_smile:

Oh many thanks!

For testing and complete 5 levels, for now i spent 619 lives, yep it’s HARDCORE.
And our testers, sent us to fu** ***, as many times…I just lost count :confused::rolleyes:

Hi guys, friends, and all who loved chellenges!

**DEMO Will be available: 14 February 2015, after 3:00 pm **

This is be a first public demo, includes first 3 Level in Arcade Mode.
You just try to complete them!
Remember H is HARDCORE :wink:
Challenge yourself!

The first player who can go through all 3 levels, and send me a video how is to do it.
Let choose, any game from Steam and we buy this for him.
I think this will be GTA5 :wink:
Also, the first player name or nickname will be have a first place to the official table for best players in Arcade Mode.
Until someone is not be able to show the best result :slight_smile: **

Our contact:


In the letter your should specify: link for your gameplay video and your full name *

Hi everyone!

The DEMO now is fully ready and released!
More info about challenge and link for downloading see on the our official GREENLIGHT product page.
Good Luck with this Challenge!**