Grooms not following actor animation

I’m wondering if anybody got into this as well. Working UE4.26 projects with grooms bound to an actor, in UE5 they do not follow actor animations.
Can anybody confirm this? Thanks

I’m seeing this also. Doing the exact same steps in 4.26 works and binds the groom to the actor. In 5, it doesn’t bind it.

I filed a bug report, hopefully some other folks can confirm it.

Having the same issue myself, works in 4.26 but not 5.

For anyone who comes here for this problem, you have to change ‘exclusive’, to ‘inclusive’ in the skin section of the project setting.



Also Support Compute Skin Cache on. :slight_smile:


mine still wont track, I have to add it to a head scoket to get it to follow mocap or animation. Any other settings were missing you can think of?


any fix yet?

Didn’t change my situation, groom follows overall character but does not follow the animations at all. I’ve manually set the bindings, created new bindings using bp and tried numerous adjustments like setting the parent socket on the grooms and none of it works. Metahuman is looking like complete sh*te if you want to use them for anything besides sequencer.