Grooming/Lookdev (realtime hair) - UE4 for REPLIKR (2021)

This is my grooming project for REPLIKR from New Zeland - which I did in Unreal Engine 4 with help of the groom plugin and Ornatrix alembic from Maya.

Render time 13h for 2626 frames.

Sampling - 1 Spatial и 32 Temporal AA.

Hair Count:

Baby - 548, Main - 74 151, Ponytail - 19 957

Will make more, when I understand how to increase the viewport FPS =) For usual hair in Arnold - I use 400K hairs =) for better quality and a thin realistic look.

Still fighting with DoF and don’t understand how to make it less blurry =) and make autofocus in cinematic. Waiting for the answer from Epic.

You can read about my fight with Unreal Engine settings for Movie Render here -…ndervideo.html

Special thanks to Charles from Epic Games for his help with Render Settings and fight with crazy flickering in shadows.

Project page -

I created hair in Ornatrix Maya, then exported it to Alembic and imported it with Groom Plugin.

Shading/texturing/rendering - Unreal Engine 4.26.1

Character, eyelashes, brows were prepared by the client.

Deadline for this hairstyle - 5 days + 3 days to transfer the hair to another character.

Happy viewing!