Groom on Linux

I tried importing groom on Linux and it gave an error then i tried it with the windows version of the editor with wine it imported but then on the Linux version the hair was not there it was only an invisible mesh

I have a similar problem. I made a module that includes the HairStrands (Groom) module. When I try to build it on Linux I get the following error.
UnrealEngine/Engine/Plugins/Experimental/HairStrands/Source/HairStrandsCore/Private/HairStrandsRendering.cpp:13:10: fatal error: ‘Rendering\SkeletalMeshRenderData.h’ file not found

When investigating, it seems only “Win32” and “Win64” are whitelisted platforms in the HairStrands.uplugin

I guess it is dependent on some rendering functionality that is only currently available in the windows builds.

Dear valued Unreal Engine users,

For the specific error linked above this would appear to be because there is a backslash instead of a forward slash in HairStrandsRendering.cpp (see Rendering\SkeletalMeshRenderData.h). This appears to be fixed in 4.26. It is also correct that only Win32 and Win64 are whitelisted in the 4.25 version, although it appears from 4.26 all platforms may be supported.

If possible, please could you try again with 4.26 and see if that works?

Thank you for your continued support,