Groom Follicle Texture help please

Hi All, so I’ve been having a read up of the Realistic hair and fur white paper that came out which has helped me realise that the Groom Follicle Texture may help resolve my issue with my groom created in blender there’s an issue where the roots join the mesh, it looks unnatural and I feel the follicle texture will help fix this. My issue is I can create a new follicle texture by right clicking the groom and selecting create follicle texture and with the original groom from metahuman the texture that is created and matches the original so I know it works, but when I do it on my new imported groom it creates the texture but when applied it’s covering the whole mesh and not just the section where the groom is. I’m guessing it’s a uv issue, I have read in some alembic documentation that you need to create a root uv on to a sphere, failing that unreal will create a default one for you.

I’m really stuck and can’t work out how to create a uv of the roots in blender or why the default one applied in ue is applied it to the whole texture and not where the groom is.

Does anyone have any experience with this as there is little info out there on it?


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You ever get this sorted? Trying to add a tiger texture onto the groom but not working although the texture shows up on the object!