Groom distorted and not lined up correctly, even with a binding asset

When I import a groom from Blender into UE4 with the recommended orientation settings (90 on x, -1 on y) the individual hair particles are not in the same place as they are in Blender. I ran a basic test with 3000 strands with no children or grooming. Just some short hairs pointing straight up from the normals. They are distorted. Its not just a matter of moving them around with the x,y,z controls.

All the hairs on the face are offset on the x to the right, the right hand’s hair is all lower than it should be, and the right is higher. The legs are a further distance apart then they should be as well.

In Blender everything looks correct, all the transforms are applied. Everything is sitting at the absolute center of the scene, my character is fully lined up. But when I export as an FBX for the skeletal mesh, and then export as an alembic all the hair has moved.

I have found no documentation about this issue or any tutorials. If I can’t find a solution I won’t be able to finish my senior thesis project. I very much need help with this.

Thank you.

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I have the same issue but when exporting the groom from maya.

having the same issue

did U find any thing?