Groom collision with alembic mesh

Hello !
For my project I can only use alembic mesh and I’m trying to achieve groom collision on my mesh.
By alembic mesh I mean that I’m using skeletal mesh without bones and it’s animated with morph targets.

Currently I see two options:

  1. Per poly collision approach:
    Question - is there way to make groom collision work with mesh in per poly collision mode? The problem is that when i’m enabling per-poly collision in mesh it has not effect on groom.
    Note: I’m enabling per-poly collision in multiple places (mesh settings, level mesh detail, bulk property matrix) and it’s still doesn’t work.

  2. Physics asset approach:
    Since alembic mesh has no bones to attach physics asset to, if my mesh moves (for example during the animation, check fig 1) the physics asset won’t follow and groom collision will fail.
    And the question - is there way to make physics asset follow the alembic mesh to keep it relevant during the animation and etc?

fig 1:
GIF Reference