Groom binding data keeps getting rebuild upon restarting engine

I have a map with about 20 unique metahumans.

Every time I restart the editor, it rebuilds the groom binding data. Even if I don’t touch anything.

Is there a setting so that it doesn’t do that every time?
It takes about 5 to 10 minutes.


Any help is appreciated.

i had the same experience.
Did you find a solution?

Please reply for me…

No I did not. It seems this is how it works for now.
Anytime you open an actor with a groom asset with binding data, it will preload that reference and regenerate the binding data.

You will also notice that this also happens when you open the sample Metahuman project. Since the actors are referenced in the map, the groom binding data is regenerated upon opening the project.

I’ve tried toggling any related option, but never got a fix. If you are technically capable, I suggest looking into the C++ code of the groom plugin and check there.

Since my project only required the static mesh representation of the groom, I simply remove the groom component from my metahuman and placed static mesh components instead.

Thank you for your quick response.

It is currently chasing the code flow of the GroomBinding Asset from the engine’s Preload, and it has properly generated the Data Archive in the process of creating the Binidng Asset and has also called the key value to refer to the Data Archive in the loading process, but has not been able to bring the data.

Therefore, when I checked the DDC log, I found that the local DDC capacity limit was at stake, and I was checking after lifting the restriction on that part.

If there is a good result, I will share it.

It seems you went deeper than I did.

Good luck! I hope you find a fix.

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Problem Solved by Lifting Local DDC Size 256mb to 2048mb !