Groom asset takes forever to import

How long should a groom take to import? I have a groom that consists of 45,000 strands and 12 segments each and it takes about 20 minutes to import. Is this normal?

That’s normal. I had a groom a while back that took about 15 minutes to import. It depends on how complex your groom is

Yikes, that was a scaled back test groom. I’m about to try bringing in this production groom of 900,000 strands 24 segments… I hope it doesn’t take a whole day to import lol.

Uh oh… haha.

900 thousand! 24 segments? I think your pushing the limits. Does your groom also have children?
i keep my groom’s very low quality because I’m making a game and I want to keep performance high

Haha, I ended up somewhere around 300,000 with 10 segments… performace was about 40 fps on my 2080 SUPER. I’m doing it for visualization/cinematics…not a game.