This is a link to a project I started about a month ago in my free time. I’ve been working on 3d projects since I finished school in my free time but I’m 1 person and the scale has been too large for my time schedule to work on game development. This is still a little rough around the edges and I really don’t have gameplay done at all. This video is just to show the art style that I’ve decided to go with. I did some other tests for art styles but I was adding too much detail that wasn’t even going to get noticed by the player.

I like what you’ve done with the art style. Music is also very fitting too. At this stage of development, the only critique I can really think of is to try giving the firing projectile sound a bit of oomph at the start of it.

Thank you for the compliments. The music was created by a good friend of mine that goes by the username pabloveritas. He created that track over a year ago and it’s been stuck in my head the whole time. And I agree with the spell sound, but currently it’s a sound clip I purchased off the marketplace. I need to take a look at what other sounds were included in that package.

I worked a little bit more on the game today. It’s coming along slowly.

I’m still hard at work on this project. I managed to get it running on mobile over the 4th of July and last week I implied an onscreen controller interface. It will just be another launch platform for this game.