Griffith University - Going Off Grid

Hello all!

This is a real-time game we completed in January for Griffith University in Australia. My team and I were tasked to show through gameplay how the Sir Samuel Griffith (SSG) Centre uses renewable technologies including solar and hydrogen storage to stay off the grid. Our team consisted of 4 people, 2 of us full time whilst the UI designer and coder came on board during the last 1/4 of the project.

Here is a video demo of the game:

Here is a making of:


Note: The game is played in this room on this dome… It was a challenge adjusting the the brightness of the game/shaders/etc to run on the dome during different times of day.

I hope some of you found this interesting. It was a great project to work on. If any of you are at Griffith University’s Nathan Campus go to the red zone, the game will be on the dome.