GridPanel extra padding on the left with column span 2 for child widgets

In UE5.0.3,
1- Create a widget.
2- Add GridPanel.
3- ColumnFill, press (+) 6 times.
4- Set value of all ColumnFill to 1.
5- Add 3 children text widgets.
6- Set Column span of all 3 children to 2.
7- Set second child’s Column to 2.
8- Set third child’s Column to 4.
Oddity: You will notice that the third child (most right) has padding on its right.

Anyone have any idea if this is a bug or is there an value I forgot to set?

I did as you said an mine looks like this:

I tried many different combinations, and most of them failed when I mix the column span values amongst the gridpanel’s children.
Which version of UE are you using?

I am using the 5.0 version.

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I’m having the same issue with the same version of Unreal. It would display extra padding on the right as OP described. When I played the level in-editor it would display correctly, however, today when I play in-editor it continues to display the extra padding on the right of the right-most column.

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