Grid snapping misaligned

I’m using grid snapping at 5 points at the moment to create a block out for a map. It is working great for basic primitive shapes I make within UE4, they snap together great.

However, once I import a model from Blender it doesn’t snap again the same grid alignment and I have no idea why. It’s like it is using it owns grid which is offset.

The origin for my model is good, the rotation and location is on 0 and scale is on 1 as it should be.

What am I do wrong or missing?

Can you demo it with a quick pic? Are you snapping it by origin or the sides do not align?

I can’t just yet as I am at work unfortunately, however when I am home I can.

I believe it’s by origin, I am not doing it by vertex for example. I’m simply moving the object along the X axis, and it will either go too far or not far enough, the matter how small I make the snapping.

I 't know anything about Blender, but one thing to make certain is that the unit setup is 1 unit = 1 cm in Blender. You’d want to set your unit Scale to .01

This link may help: