Grid snap away from the center of the map, being disabled.

UDK has some grid options for scale, location and rotation. Works fine.

But on my 10x10 km map with grid options turned off and being far from the map center, when moving objects they seem to be positioned on the grid. Not on all axes, sometimes only on one axis. It seems somewhat random.
Everything works fine if I work in the center of the map, but this happens when I’m moving objects in the extremes of the map. It is as if it loses precision at a greater distance from the center.
In the properties of the object I can move it by modifying the Location values manually. But it’s hard to work in this way.
Does anyone know if there is a way to fix it?

That sounds pretty frustrating. If the grid snapping breaks down that far from the center, what about things like movement speed and projectile collision? Even if you could find a way around the grid snapping, you might still run into other problems if the engine loses location precision far from the origin.

Maybe you can assemble the thing you want to make near the origin, then move everything together out to the edge of the map. Or you could assemble it, then make a prefab, and drop a prefab where you want it.