Grid Selection

So I’m planning on developing a Chess game. I’ve already got the assets (Pieces and a textured board thanks to the marketplace assets: ) However as the board is already textured.

With that in mind I need to be able to highlight the available positions when a piece is picked. (which I have already determined can be done by ray tracing from the mouse to the piece).

Would I have to place an array of invisible planes above the board (8 x 8) that each contain a ‘highlight texture / material’ that will glow or indicate it can be placed upon and then iterate through this array to determine where the player can place his pawn?

Essentially, I’m struggling to find any good documentation on the best way to develop something like this in C++ (that isn’t purely console based as with other C++ chess tutorials)

I would use planar meshes for this with a simple transparent material like you said. If the highlighted tiles will all have the same color you can use instanced static meshes for this with the base mesh being a plane. The Shape_Plane from the sample content should work for you. Its exactly 100x100 units so that should help you align things. I would just spawn/despawn tile instances as needed as opposed to having invis tiles.