Grid Lines fading out and not really visible - ability to make those more visible?


somehow the Grid lines

grid lines almost invisible.jpg

x, y, z are extremely hard to see, it would be cool if there was a way to make those more visible and span them across the screen -endlessly.
maybe there is a way to change them already but if it is there, i failed to find it.

Good question I’m trying to find out myself. Hard or impossible to see on my monitor.


You can enable **Show Engine Content ** in the Content Browser and then in the Engine Content folder search for LevelGridMaterial2.

Once you locate this you can open it and set the Multiply node connected nearest to the Emissive input and set the multiple for B to be a higher value. If you put in 2 and then hit Save/Apply you should see a noticeable difference in brightness. If this is still not bright enough try incrementally increasing until you get something you’re happy with.


Wow cool! You’ve made me very happy. Unreal is cool, getting used to it. I come from a Maya background.

Nice! Thanks