Grid in Editor

Quick question. Is there a way to disable the grid from showing as default in the viewports? I know how to hide it from the editor/material viewports, but it always resets with each start up. Is there a preference somewhere, or something in an ini file to permanently turn it off?

The G key on your keyboard in the viewports will enable “Game Mode” which disables the grid and other editor icons. Being it’s only one key, I just use that to switch between what the end result will be and the editor mode.

As for disabling the grid all together in the editor viewport? I have never seen an option for that, you can disable the grid in certain parts of the editor, but not in the main viewports.

EDIT: As another alternative, if you don’t want to disable EVERYTHING and just the grid in the viewport. If you search the Editor Preferences for “show grid” then give it a hotkey, you can press one key and only disable the grid.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a hotkey. It’s minor, it just oddly irritates me to continually have to hide the grid.

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