Grid-Based Movement Using WASD controls

Sorry if this is a simple question but I am quite new to scripting and have literally no idea what I’m doing…
So I’m trying to get the 3rd person pawn to move in grid format using WASD (not using the mouse) For example: One press of (W) would move the pawn (x) number of units along the X axis/ One press of (D) would move the player (x) units along the Y axis; and once the player has moved (x)units, movement stops. I’ve been trying for hours with no luck so far so any assistance on how to get that to work would be greatly appreciated. I know…I’m a dummy

There is an excellent 3rd person example tutorial that I just finished that covers exactly what you are trying to achieve:

That link came from the following page, and I think there may be at least one more tutorial to interest you on that page.

Hope this helps

i think the learn tab of the unreal launcher has a “turn based strategy” which might have what you need as an example. I remembered seeing a Unreal “twitch video” in youtube about for this example.