Grid Alignment and Asset Placement

I have come across an issue when placing objects in the world from the content browser.

If an object is dragged into the perspective viewport it does not snap to the grid,on the Z axis. When the same mesh is dragged into an orthographic viewport it sits on the grid perfectly as you would expect.

The selected mesh shown in the image has been added into the perspective viewport and is quite clearly not on the grid.

I have tested this a few times and I get the same result every time, is this something that I’m doing wrong? or is it a general error? Dragging meshes into an orthographic viewport works fine grid wise, but it places the mesh miles away from the environment your currently working on. Is there a better way of adding meshes into the scene?

Any help would be appreciated



Objects usually don’t snap when you place them in perspective mode. Just select it and press END to snap to floor.