Grey Snow

Hello, when you watch the picture you can see the snow is grey not white. Any idea how to set this to pure white? With the colour picker i´ve choosen white but it shows me always grey in the viewport.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Actually it is white, but you need to turn up the light intensity and/or fix your exposure settings… easiest way is via post process volume,…

Doesn’t look right as far as PBR values go.

Mega scans has a ton of snow textures - is this how they appear?
If yes, then eye adaptation / scene exposure is off.

Hello Most Host_LA,

the eye adaptation is on but when i crank up the Lux to 75 it is pure white. Those light strengh is maybe in Australia but i want a pure white with normal “Sun” strengh.
Can i get this with a light propagation volume or with the post process volume?

Thanks a lot!

Hello panPvonB,

yes when i crank up the value of Light Strengh to 75 it´s white. But i want a normal Sun Strengh.
I try to put on a post process volume. Maybe it helps, i hope so.

Thank you for your answer

Your clouds are also gray.
What is a “normal” light value for you?

Also maybe LUT tables can help here.
Even if it’s not really the best approach.

I still think eye adaptation is essentially strangling the aperture because of all the white and scene brightness.
Look up the docs and fine-tune the aye adaptation first.