grey guy anims on blue guy skel?

I have a LOT of anims ive modified over time and created and used on a modified version of the blue guy skeleton. I got some anims made for the grey guy now and when I dup and retarget to my main skel, the arms are all way up in the air rather than where they should be. is there a quick way to revert the anims to work back with the old skeleton?


There are several options. But first, make sure you have your retargetting settings for shoulder bones set to ‘Skeleton’. This might fix the problem alltogether on its own.

Hey thanks for the reply.

All bones are set to skeleton except root and pelvis. What are the other options? Theres 80 anims I want to use in the pack so I really hope opening each one in a 3rd party program for editing isn’t one of them, because if so I’ll have to be requesting a refund. This was not an inexpensive pack. =(

Hi, you said a “modified version of the blue guy skeleton”, could you post a screen of your blue guy skeleton?
Basically you need to set a retarjet pose that are similar with each other. I mean if you have all your anims based on the blue “T pose” guy, you should set the “retarjet” pose for the grey one to a “T”. or vice versa
if this is the problem:

go to “Retargeting a Base Pose” section

I am not at home right now, but i could explain a little better with some screens when i get back home.


Hey you the man.
Base pose. Didn’t know you could edit that right there like that. That resolved it!

Thank you sir~