Grenade that simulates physics floats in the air when thrown high

Hello, I’ve implemented grenades and smoke grenades into my game project, and for some reason, specifically when I throw them high into the air, they come to a stop mid-air and just float. I am enabling simulate physics and gravity, and adding an impulse upon throwing it. It works great if I throw it straight forward or in a slight arc, but for some reason throwing it higher or straight up causes it to come to a stop. To me, it looks like it happens just as it comes out of its peak height and is just about to drop down. I noticed that when it comes to a stop, I get a warning message saying:

Invalid Simulate Options: Body (Grenade.SkeletalMesh) is set t simulate physics but Collisions Enabled is incompatible.

This error doesn’t make sense to me. My Collisions Enabled is set to Query and Physics, how is that not compatible? Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be for simulating physics? I am using an object type of PhysicsBody and have nearly all channels set to block except visibility and camera (set to overlap). I’ve tried setting them all to just overlap and it still floats. I’ve tried ticking a bunch of settings under physics and collision and can’t figure out what’s causing this.

Any ideas?!

Is the object type set to physics body?

Yes it is, I edited my post to add that a little while ago! Really lost as to what the problem is.

I just Wrapped up my own Grenade project for the marketplace Virtual Grenades Showcase - YouTube

here is the collision settings I used . plus simulate physics and gravity enabled

It may help

That looks nearly identical to my setup ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll have to keep cracking at it. Your project looks super cool and it’s exactly the sort of interaction I’m looking for (I am working on VR support), though I am more inclined to learn how to make some of this stuff myself for the experience :smiley: