Grenade Example Asset

Hi All,

Here is a small completed asset rendered in UE4 for download. Hopefully there will be some useful stuff in here for people looking to make similar things.

The project includes meshes, textures and materials.

The project is released as an educational/ non-commercial asset.

You can grab the project from here:

Here is a render of the high polygon sculpt in Z-brush.

Here is a screenshot of the completed asset that can be found in the project:

The bakes were done with X-normal and all texturing was completed in Photoshop.

I am planning on releasing two videos a breakdown of this asset, looking to cover the baking process and an overview of the texturing approach and a breakdown of my previous release. My previous project can be found and downloaded here:

Hope this is useful!

Hello James,

It look awesome :smiley:

You can add this download link in your OP. It’s another link from my GoogleDrive.

Again, THX for sharing :slight_smile:

Sweet looks good.

Now if we can get someone to post a tutorial on how to make the TPS or FPS throw a grenade and radial damage.