Grenade bounce too much


I have grenade with enabled simulate physics with projectile. And have setup prediction for that projectile.
But grenade bounce too much that it gets out of predicted area.

  1. I enabled should bounce on projectile and set bounciness to 0 and set friction to like 100000, still bounce.
  2. Than i put physics material on grenade with restitution with 0 and friction is like 100000. But it bonce always.
  3. Even i set project setting> physics>bounce threshold velocity to 0, no luck
  4. I tried linear damping and it works but it doesn’t land in perdition area.
  5. I tried to set massInKg to 100000 but no luck.

I cannot even make bounce less or no bounce.

So, how to make grenade bouce less or no bounce ?

Maybe check this out:

Hey CloakWorkOcean,
Thank You for reply,
I almost forgot about that i ahve posted question.

I Started whole project from scratch. And i realized that i was using projectile with simulate physics on, and learned that projectile can do fake physics so i just needed to turn off physics on mesh.