Grenade Air Friction

Hi! I’m currently working on a grenade blueprint but it doesn’t look very realistic. The problem is, I’m trying to add some kind of air friction to make the projectile rotate while on air so as to make it look more realistic than it does now. Starting from 2:29 of this video you can see what I’d like to do.
Thanks in advance!

Try an EventTick to keep it rotating.

  • Take Delta Seconds and branch it off
    of the EventTick, connect it to a
    multiply node and connect another
    variable/integer to the multiply node
    (set it to 100).

  • Connect that multiply to a MakeRot
    node and attach it to the Roll.

  • Send the MakeRot return value to an
    AddActorLocalRotation node, and make
    the target GetOwner.

Set this all inside your grenade blueprint and when you throw it, it will rotate.