greetings - request advice and help

Greetings to everyone,
first of all thank you for the info, now i am still reading though it all so please do bare with me on that…

on on of the topics it said using the steam ark dev kit way, on another topic it says use the epic launcher side of the ark dev kit,

which do i do epic game launcher or the steam side of the kit,
the epic game launcher of the ark dev kit, worked ok.
but the steam side of the ark dev kit, which i followed,. registered,. verifted, and also downloaded the arkdev kit from steam , and the unreal engine from the website it gave for github.
it crashed on started up
heres a screen shot link : Imgur: The magic of the Internet

when i used it all via the epic game launcher, it was fine,

can any one help in the way of getting the kit started at least please, and also do you suggest forgetting the dev kit from steam and going back to the epic games launcher?

thanks in advanced,

kind regards

The steam version is extremely out of date and should never be used. Stick with the epic games launcher version.