Greetings from a new Programmer


First of all, I really want to get more into unreal engine (We can do it full time since our project is locked on Unity3D, but any new projects :D), but I keep trying to follow the tutorials and they all belong to older code base. Then I try to go and check the documentation, and there’s literally TOO MUCH, I have no clue where to start:

For example:
I was trying to create a simple power up code, but it seems like the constructor was not generated, then the name of the precompiled header of the game also changed (it added a “private” after the project name. Then after trying to use the SubObjectPtr, the compiler tells me this has been deprecated and that I should be using pointers, so I start using pointers. Then after creating my constructor, it keeps saying that the function can’t be overloaded because it’s already defined. And now, I am a getting a linking error…

My point is, how am I supposed to know all these details, it becomes very frustrating trying to just “guess”

Thanks in advance

The API is definitely massive and just takes some time to learn and understand. While this surely won’t answer all your questions, here’s an article for a good place to start:

Thank you! That’s a nice start, It just feels very confusing just reading some of the docs and then realizing that they changed it completely, it’s as if 4.x won’t be stable any time soon (stable in the terms of being able to upgrade without having to refactor all your existing code).

if Anyone knows any other resource to get up to date with the API, I would really appreciate it!