Greetings fellow game players modders and creators.

Hello, I have finally decided to try making a game of my own. at the start of 2019 I was diagnosed with skin cancer and I can’t spend much time in the sun. it’s okay… I never liked it much anyway. I am very new to this scene and have followed a few tutorials from people apparently learning the system themselves which gave me a slight idea but still was not clear enough for me to start anything. I have worked on modding reworking pre-existing games on various languages. Warcraft 3 map builder, where I made an openworld RPG for my family to enjoy locally, world of warcraft 3.5 WOTLK private server. where I had various repeatable quests and a grab bag reward system with universal skill usages. and even games like Runescape private servers 317, which was very rewarding to me Glitchy as heck though when you added too much D:. I think it is about time to take all those technical ideas and create something of my own. I have the basic Idea for a top down open world RTS style game with resources and a trade craft economy AI or live. depending on the limitations. What I would like to do differently this time is I dont want to be doing this all by myself. everything i worked on before was always alone. and it goes the same for everything I make. Music, artwork, anything, I always lose interest in my own work if im not getting proper feedback or working WITH someone on the project.

basically. if there is anyone who wants someone to work on a project with them, or has the ability to do the core work but not enough of an imagination to create new content. please let me know. Im not a super social person but I can get done what needs to be done especially if people are counting on me to get them done.

Maybe this can be the start of something big.
I am a 35 year old married male with children. and there are no limits to acceptable criteria for a game in my opinion. thank you for reading this. let me know if you have any ideas or you want to be a part of a GC learning team.

I feel like I should note that this isn’t a job but if any created content generates revenue, so will you. this isn’t really about the money to me. this is inspiration for my son and a method of leaving a mark from my favorite interests in this world before I go.

Hey there,

Welcome to the community :slight_smile: I was in your situation a few years ago when I started learning Unreal. I’ve seen groups like these form a few times, but it always starts with one person working on a project and posting updates here on the forums. Eventually the project gathers more interest and others are willing to join the team. Its a lot easier to get people on board once you show that you have a working prototype.

So my advice would be to continue learning Unreal and start working on your game :). I would suggest going to and taking a few courses (they are excellent). Also, I would highly suggest buying a beginner course in Udemy (they can be bought for as little as $9.99) and learning from a structured course. This will save you a lot of time compared to watching tutorials on YT.

Then start posting devlogs to get feedback / opinions. Post them here, but also try Reddit and Discord (both are more active than the forums). Also, check out the Community section of the forums for lots of community assets you can use for free (and learn from).

Its a long, but very fun journey :slight_smile:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and I’ll try to point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

Cheers and have fun!

^^ THIS^^… You should study first and then build something and show it off, so people get interested. Can be anything, a level design, a character, or a game mechanic etc. Get it looking polished, to prototype stage anyway, and showcase it after a few months etc…The above game idea itself may morph into something else entirely and often does. So for now, just keep an open mind about what you’ll end up working on longer term…