Greetings, Architect seeks your attention. Cyber Space Visualization

Solo Pursuit is bound to be so untill the vision that i see in my mind is clear to the one who does not. I was constructing certain device that is immaginary yet it enables user to use available technology to enchance their prrogression of any of the personal masteries. Visualization of Data is core and i have experimented with open source WIX editor X website generator, as a way to present, Architect, his work, belief and target. Website ARCX.SPACE is slowly filling up. Words will alway fail to express the image, and it feels right choice to slowly develop the images. Website it to serve as a last space to filter data prior to Unreal Engine. Wix can provide a template that new user can fill with personal posts that can be further reposted and multiple social networks may be accessed within instant. Members of Organization PSI ARC, are mix between various professionals that aim to generate tools and optimize tech for unexperienced to visualize text into images that later be accumulated into stories and environments for the youth to learn from. Saving time requires one game to teach them all. Its not windows, rather Unreal. But i have not idea or any wish to learn what is variable or whats its purpose. Yet Color correlation and limp noodling methods of learning is sufficient to generate the images that are various fragment of the vision and mechanism i attempted to forge. Therefore the web page is to provide a presentation of the scope and aonother attempt to organize the madness my mind got me into. What i got thousand of ideas that dont matter. The latest innovation that is sufficient and worthy business model that affects simultaneously 3 realms of our existence.
It is clear that all these games are mere levels to me and Unreal Engine is on its path to master instant data exchange between various spaces. Yet i can only imagine.
I was able to extract symetrical copy of one of my fluid artworks that i wanted to combine and further pring and generate resources to fuel project.

I need PRO: improve project and implement ideas relevant to runtime interraction between 3d widget and user that can manipulate runtime, various layers of the artwork. Extracting the pattern and generating a texture frrom fragment of the pattern to be used as a brush to paint land, or reference image for the environment one saw, tripping space or catalogue for ideas to generate worlds.
MUSCLE: atm max screenshot is level 4. Suitable reprinting demands high tech to get lvl 6-7. The Image is to be used to RPING on canvas, on cnotebooks, shoes, wolets, raincoats. and that is byproduct yet can be sold.
ARTDEAELLER: the artworks are genuine, i make the texture in real life and not even God himself can replicate flip cup pattern, is only one and so is as equal as encryption of a bit code. Yet its a visual pattern. Need someone who got reputation in cyber market to either recomend products as as tokens representing organization, that mean something. ■■■■ you see will level up ur spirit if u stare long enough mate. It will be sold on NFT and it got a value to it as it is sprinted onw hard clothes (windcoat, volet, shoes), items, artworks, prints, canavases and most importantly, NOTEBOOKS, that i have wrote 21 handwriters filled with target data. and the best ■■■■, is that its new, there was none who done that, and it looks so ■■■■■■■ nice, yet, i cant do it myself. ArtDealler ris to promote or be in charge of the NFT sales. Story of the creatures is up to whoevere saw it. yet its all part of the Unreal Galaxy.

PROMO: spread the idea through multiple social media networks by effective use of TAGS and Titles so project updates, videos, photoes, can be seen or ppurchased by the target audience - seekers of data. Project Data shall be labelled, tagged, valued and shipped. We seek parents and their children but while the tools are developing, PSI ARC shall be assembling presentation levels that will contain certain useful discources empowered by the Engine VFX. While the Cyber Space will be ready, the parents will have children that we shall educate globally.

Later when TV’s will be used as fluid ,otion frames, we enchance these babiese with fluid ninja runtime. Untill then, we keep it 2d. Every member of vision PSI ARC will be givven a template of a wix website, that he can use to present his identity or post blog or galery of the updates and access soc media. Those who purchase Khronos’s 3d models can store them on their website until Unreal Engine got a Global Parcing and a Father Server that can use Data Table to fit level name that is locate on another part of this planet. I got a lot of things to do. You are weelcome to join. I dont eat much, yet all assets is my attempt to aquire funds to speed up the progression of Arc - Archetype X. Until the Engine can manage it.