Greeting from another world

Hi there,

I’m a seasoned game programmer, and have been working on Unity for quite a few years now. I still do! I’m currently working on a MMORTS game on it that will launch next year. This game’s ship already sailed, but definitely next will be on UE as I’m growing more and more the urge to build stuff with UE so here I am.

Just wanted to introduce myself to the community, you’d probably see me asking silly questions around the forums :slight_smile:

I’m a Mac user, but I have a PC as well for gaming and testing. Would you recommend to use the UE on Windows? I feel it’s a bit glitchy on the Mac.



I have only used UE4 on Windows but it seems like the general consensus is that it is better than the Mac version. It also depends on the specs of your computers. UE4 is considerably more demanding on the GPU compared to Unity, and few if any Macs have the gaming grade GPU you ideally want.

Welcome to UE4! I come from Unity too. I would like to know how you manage to transition from Unity to UE4?

For those developers switching from Unity to Unreal I would suggest the following document which covers that topic.