Greenlit Samurai Indie L4 UI Artist/Devs, Character/Env Artists & Programmers

Project Title:
Hanako - Soul of the Samurai

Positions Open
UI/UX Developer
UI Artist
Character Artist
Environment Artist
(scroll down for preferences, requirements and payment info)

Hanako - Soul of the Samurai journeys through a beautiful, fictional rendition of 16th century Feudal Japan. Players choose between four types of warriors as they learn to master intuitive, directionally-driven swordplay to ensure victory over their foes. Our game features full skill trees per class to boost key stats and choose powerful abilities, engaging multi-map online campaigns and easy to learn but difficult to master combat that seeks to be more than slow gestural combat or simple hack-n-slash.

The artistic qualities and backstory of the game serve as a symbolic tribute to team lead Matt Canei’s late mother, and loved ones lost during the production of the game. The territories and war of the game represent an everlasting struggle of life-and-death, health-and-disease and the natural balance of opposing forces to metaphorically represent real life tragedies and to honor those lost.

We went on Steam Greenlight on January 28th, 2015 and were Greenlit within 9 days with nearly record-breaking statistics on the campaign.

Recent Video:

Beautiful, symbolic environments
Directionally-driven, fluid combat
Multiplayer “campaigns” across multiple maps

Team Name:
+Mpact Games

Team Structure:
Matt Canei - Creative/Art Director (5 years AAA experience)
Connor McCarthy - Lead Writer/Lead Level Design/Co-Designer
Ajani Thomas - Lead Programmer

The three of us founded the project in 2008 but started over in 2013 before moving to UE4 in March 2014. We have a ~12 person team located in different parts of the US, Canada and Europe, we’d love for you to meet them rather than hear about them.

Skills Required:
UI/UX Developer (UMG)

  • Experience using UMG (or scaleform) or similar UI game solutions.
  • Experience with placement and designing HUD and menu screens from provided art.
  • (Preferred) Creating temp art if needed to quickly prototype UI interactions.
  • Familiarity with UE4 Blueprint/UDK Kismet and C++ for setting up UMG Widgets/any C++ classes needed. (We have two programmers who can help guide code-based solutions).
  • Passion for our project, its story and/or feudal japanese culture
  • Experience using Perforce, Subversion or other version control software.

UI Artist

  • Experience with graphic design principles and basic illustration (icon design)
  • Experience creating tiled sheets of UI assets.
  • Solid foundation and understanding of User Experience/flow and menu design.

Skills Required:
Character Artist

  • Experience using Zbrush, 3ds Max (or maya), Photoshop/Substance Painter to create characters
  • Experience using retopology programs such as Topogun to create low-poly meshes
  • Comfort using either Zbrush->Max->Engine or reverse pipeline
  • Familiarity of UE4/UDK enough to understand the tech art integration of your characters
  • Familiarity working with riggers and setting up your topology to make for good skin weighting and animation
  • Ability to adapt to our game’s style, and stay consistent with our existing characters
  • Ability to interpret concept art and apply it to our style to make high quality characters

Skills Required:
Environment Artist

  • Experience using 3ds Max, Zbrush, Photoshop/Substance Painter, UDK/UE4 (for material setups for your props).
  • Knowledge of Environment art best practices/pipelines (efficient UV packing, poly count and material id efficiency).
  • Ability to take art direction and adapt to fit the game’s art style and consistently produce art that fits our worlds.
  • Understanding of collision standards and creating good art for level designers to use.

Skills Required:

  • Experience coding in C++
  • Experience working with UDK/UE4 and setting up gameplay mechanics/character abilities
  • Knowledge/understanding of Blueprint or similar visual scripting
  • Good communication/organization and working with other programmers
  • Knowledge of Perforce

Payment: All team members are entitled to a royalty payout contract and/or job offer (dependent on project success levels) based on their level of contribution to be signed at a later date, but before release. We may do additional single payments or contracts based on acquiring funding/kickstarter funds/etc. But, for now we are an unbudgeted project made up of AAA devs, pro software devs and we’re an extremely talented team capable of producing at/above a professional level.

Website: (old campaign but a lot of recent screenshots and information)

Skype: mattyfresh36 (I know its a terrible name)

All it would have taken was a few seconds googling to find out that these guys are exactly what they say they are. Names, CVs, etc.

You could even have watched their appearance on the Unreal Twitch Livestream, when Chance Ivey interviewed them in the Epic studio, some time back (In-Depth Discussion of Hanako - Soul of the Samurai | Epic Games' Unreal Engine Stream - YouTube).

Anyway, Matt, the game looks awesome. Good luck to you, and whoever is lucky enough to join you! :slight_smile:

We do work well paid jobs in the industry or similar industries, and we work on this at night. When you have passion for something you figure it out.

Jezcentral - Thank you for the kind words. Stop by one of our dev streams sometime.

With that said, we’ve had some great inquiries and are looking for some of the positions still.

We still have openings for a Character Artist and Gameplay Programmers.

We are open to hearing from UX developers, artists and programmers.

I have added to skype to talk about it, thanks

Hello, I’m interested in the work of Environment Artist.

My Contacts:
Facebook: luis.matheus.artist3d
My Artstation: ArtStation - Luis Matheus
My Skype: [EMAIL=“”] ( skype of windows 10)

A rundown on me:

I’m Luís Matheus, I’m from Brazil, I’m a Modeler 3D, Environment Artist and Level Designer, I’m in the area for two years, I too did a course of Game Designer with Unreal Engine 4 and also I did various courses in platform Udemy.
I’m much inquiring, curious at searching news in my area of environment, light, post-production

I have an excellent eye for detail, composition, and storytelling and also, I’m comfortable with both technical and artistic aspects of Environment Art

I have a lot of experience in 3D Modeling (Zbrush, Maya and Max), 3D painting models (Substance Painter) and creating Awesome scenes in any mechanism, I love learning and research the newest techniques for asset creation and I’m proficient with various techniques 3D.

  • Software that I use is: Zbrush(Modeling), Maya(Modeling), 3DS Max (Modeling, UV Edition) and Substance Painter(Painting 3D), Megascans(Textures, Surface Textures).