(Greenlight) Them & Us - Horror Survival Game - UE4 Programmer / 3D Animator [4 months]


Royalty – 4Months (3d Animator / Programmer)

Hi everyone,
We are currently looking for one more experienced C++ / blueprint programmer, as well as one 3D Animator that can help us to speed things out with our game, now that we have been approved by the steam community and Valve, heading now for Kickstarter on Quarter 1, 2016.

We need someone that is enough dedicated to help us to reach our goal in time, that can stick with us focusing on the project we make without having other projects running, or working for other projects.

[Programmer] Requirements:

  1. In depth experience about Unreal Engine 4 blueprints or C++ experience.
  2. Able to work with other programmers.

[3D Animator Requirements]

  1. In depth experience about any animation program such as Max, Maya, Blender.
  2. Able to animate using any human based rig or with our rig made with Human IK.
  3. Interested to take a small animation test.
  4. If you know also how to rig it will be a plus but is not required for this position.

What we need:
1.Serious people to work with, developers exited to work for Them & Us game, candidates that likes to create games and like games. All the people we are working with, are people dedicated to the game we are making.

  1. Experienced artists, to create high quality assets, and a great game. Candidates should expect to take a small offsite test to see the dedication and skills.

Please refer to this thread for more media artwork:

Or check one of our interviews here, to know more about the game:

And if you are interested working with us please send a message here:


we have already a few people interested in the 3d animation position, we are still looking for one programmer to continue the work on the inventory, items box and what else requires for the demo game user interface.
the main boss that chaise the player is in development right now, as well as a special infected so it may require more animators

The above positions are still available.

Hi guys, the positions are still available but we don’t know for how to long, we already have some talented people interested to work with us.
We have updated a little the requirements of 3d animator.

You can work using any rig you want, any program you want, as time the rig is based on human and we like your animations. Thank you!