green screen lighting issue

Im new to unreal tried doing a search however unsuccessful. My issue is upon loading in a exr sequence to an environment the clip is blacked out it works in a new scene however when testing in a pre built scene lighting seems to be screwing up. As you can see my footage is black any insight would be great. Im sure its something im missing

where are your lights

there in the scene i would assume it would automatically take on the lights from the environment. When I insert it on a new scene it works just fine. Here’s a different environment doing the same thing?

even if i add a light still nothing see

maybe you got something trouble in postvolumexxxxxx i forget what it spell, that willcause many thing in lights
you can check the mesh first, in preview, and find it is black or not.
if not, youcan make a brand new world and just put the daylight, and set the mesh into it, and fiind it is black or not.
if not, you can make same thing in this world which you wanna todo before and check what will happen, for some reason that just a little mistake will cause the big trouble and cannot find it easily, so maybe the best thing youcando is build a brand new world.
For me, i still think that’s the lights’ problem, maybe the daylight(direction light)or postvolumnxxxxx, found the bloom max and min, maybe you can fix it with max and min with ‘1’or’0’, all 0 will make the world too white.