green glow water plane

hello im having problems trying to put water on my map, cant see it on the right color like tutorial im followin using the theisland water plane.

Add a TrueSkySequenceActor to your map (or copy the one from TheSmallIsland into your map). Currently the BP Sky Sphere doesn’t reflect in the water properly on Shader Model 5, though we’ll fix that soon.


I found out that copying the TrueSkySequenceActor (or adding it) was not enought. to remove the green water you need to launch TheIsland in the editor and then your water will be back to normal.

yeah bro, thats works great, but no i need to find the way to set underwater view, i set up physics , and post volume, but when i see from bottom to top, cant see waves =( but i will figure that, ty DITSOV