Greek/Roman Style

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Hey guys and gals. I’m currently working on creating an Ancient Greek and Roman themed level. So far I have semi-finished 5 diffrent columns. None of them have any textures or normal maping(which is why the Middle part is so boring) just yet and one of them doesn’t have its top part finished(The middle one). Each Column is based on a diffrent Greek and Roman styles. The 3 on the left are Greek, while the two on the right are Roman. I’m not too happy with the polygon count.(I want around 300 ploys per section, but right now I have some of them at 700 polys) What do you guys think is better?

[FONT=Arial Black] I plan to create the following assets for this Roman/ Greek themed level:

-Columns (80% done)

-Archway (60% done)

-Walls(flat): (2% done)

-ornaments (1% done)

  • (statues, fountains, decor)

-Roofs (0% done)

  • Dome(pointed and Spherical), Flat[aka English roofing]
    -Stairs (0% done)

-Mosaics - (Floor)

-Roads (0% done)

Well, that’s a good start, keep up :wink:

Cheers :slight_smile:

I won’t post a screenshot just yet, but I have finished the Column Models, UVs etc Yesterday. I still need to make the Materials for them, but I’ll do that on my main rig.
Furthermore, I have done a bunch of research today in the types of materials used for the construction of walls, Columns, etc. And how they were built ratios of Height to width. Thickness, etc.

Update: Finished researching Greek and Roman Architexture for now and I have finished modeling and UVing the archways and the Beams. I have done five archeways and three diffrent beems so far. What do you guys think?

Blender Render


The material is just a test marble for blender and the thing behind the Archways is a wall meant to be placed over the arches.
Poly counts so far are:
-less than 300 for the Beams
-Less than 200 for the archways to the left

  • and around 1000 polys for the archways to the right.