Greatest materials I've tested so far...

This library is insane! You can tweak materials procedurally in real time. Add scratches/dirt/rust/leaks and much more with sliders inside unreal. Try it! The UE4 plugin is free. You just have to buy the materials or create them if you own substance designer.

Yeah I’ve played around with Substance, it’s very, very impressive, along with their database. Even just going around shooting stuff with an iPhone, then using Bitmap2Material… it gives you very unique results. Really helps with depth, “feel” and photorealism.

The only current issue is the 2K limit for the Substance UE4 plugin, there’s a 4K workaround but once they go fully 4K in the plugin it’ll be perfect.

Here’s the “Substance Atlantis” demo from Allegorithmic in YouTube 4K. Enjoy :slight_smile: