Great Sword combo animation?

Ok so i have been looking around this forum for 2 days and haven’t found a thread that covers this. Basically I have a fully animated character (full combo) in 3ds max. It starts from idle > attack1 > attack2 > attack3 > returns to idle. In game, I want a combo system which the player can input click, or click > click, or click > click > click. So if there is one click, attack 1 would play, and then return to idle. If there is 2 clicks, attack 1 would play, then attack 2, then return to idle. You got the idea. The problem is, if I dont use blendspace, when there’s one click, attack 1 would play, and then transitions to return idle without smooth animation, because I didn’t animate the ‘return idle’ state to match all of the 3 attacks’ ending animations. So how do I implement this combo animation? A link to a tutorial would be much appreciated.

Idk if this is what you need, but its worth checking out anyways.

This one is perfect for what you want

Thank you guys…Ill definitely look into those. For now, I managed to accomplish half of what I want. So the animations are all working fine EXCEPT, the input has to be ‘left mouse held down’. I have no idea how to switch it to click based combo. For example, If i want to unleash a combo, I have to hold the button, not click it 3, 4 times.

I forgot to mention, the two links are perfect. Those are exactly what I was looking for…kudos to you guys!!!