Great Siggraph 2014 Paper On Doing Specular Glinting

Came across this really cool video for Siggraph 2014 and attached paper on doing Specular Glinting using a technique based off of High Res Normal Maps. Hopefully, further good quality approximations/optimizations can be made to this technique to make it more feasible for real-time games/applications and maybe have a chance at getting implemented into the engine. I’d love to hear what some of the developers from Epic think about this considering the Monte Carlo approach looks to be used currently for the Clear Coat Shading Model making it’s way into 4.4. Also, on a side note, I started using the Clear Coat Shading Model myself recently in 4.3, what was improved or added for its official release in 4.4?

Milos Hasan works at Autodesk and from the looks at his website, he has worked on a lot of techniques and Technical Papers throughout the years… Really cool stuff and dying to see the recordings from their presentations. Also on a side note, apparently there is a big release for 3DS Max in the works and from the video on YouTube about where they are going, hopefully this means better UV tools :wink:

Here is his website and his paper is the very first entry at the top

EDIT: Here is a link directly to a video of his results…