Great Quixel video that I thought I'd share

Hi all

thought I’d share this for those that have not seen it yet.

Ran across this video I just started using Quixel Suite about a month ago. looks great in unreal.

Very nice. Will help with kitbashing as well.

Cool stuff, makes me want to buy it.

But, I already have great Wacom monitor (got 75% off, because of 3 deaded pixels in corner), i have ps, allegorithminc, well most of that stuff.
But i do not has that artistic thing, its pushed out by all coding and haxoring skills. I have technical skills to use those programs, but results are hmmm.
I tried to be artsy person, but I failed miserably many times. My inner autistic programming self does not want to share CPU power with my artistic emo part.

So, great stuff, I wish i had time for both programming and artistic stuff.