Gravity point / Mesh Attraction

Hello there, i’m working on a 0-gravity project for a space simulation,
i’m wondering how can i make two objects attract themselves when they reach a sphere volume? pratically the natural space physic.
this is actually the concept of what im thinking to do (attached file).
In Construct2 i managed this by making an attraction event with 0f36df929ac9d711a8ba8c5658c3bfee.png formula, i don’t know what method use in this case in unreal.
Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

If you made 2 physics actors both with collision spheres and, then use the OnEnterCollision trigger in BPs to begin adding a force vector in the direction desired. In this case I would make it proportional to the objects mass, this would make it easier F=sqrt(G)m1/r for mass1 and a second force that mass 2 adds in the form of F = sqrt(G)m2/r. This would allow you to avoid making a more complicated action of determining the force and then making it proportional. this should also leave your inertia intact…

I Will check this functions on the documentations since i never used :slight_smile: