gravity - how modify fall speed/acceleration

I’ve been going through the player settings under PlayerPawnTest_Male and have modified all the below max settings to 5,000,000 trying to see if I can get a natural gravity(-9.81 m/s^2) ‘falling’ acceleration when my character drops from a great height(no luck). Also played with the world settings some which could produce a constant downward speed, but no acceleration effect. Couldn’t find other world physics/gravity settings off-hand to test other than the world settings. Other missed settings? Ideas?

Max Fall Speed(default 1130)
Max Fly Speed(default 375)
Max Acceleration(default 2048)
Max Custom Speed(default 440)


bump - curious about how to best effect physics changes with the game, so players, flyers or other objects behave less like they are in zero-gravity.

I do see that I can modify the PlayerPawnTest->Capsule Component->Simulate Physics so the player does start to fall with gravity, but then I don’t have any input control on the player and the player no longer collides with the landscape(falling through). I’m guessing would have to implement a solution that has some class tests for effecting collisions or to switch between a player-controlled state(ground contact) and a freefall(no ground contact, simulated physics) state.