Grass Tool?

Digging into the new grass tool- love it, hope it gets expanded on the future, random scale ranges, etc.

I have an angle based terrain texturing material setup, meaning my grass isn’t in a separate landscape layer. It’s lumped in with the rock. Using the grass tool puts the foliage on the rocks too.

Anyone come up with some alternate solutions using the grass tool with an angle based texturing material?

Treat the grass node input just like a landscape layer blend node, and it should be fine. I’ve done angle based, height based, coordinate based grass placements, they work just fine. Anything you can do within the materials is OK for the new grass tool.

I noticed that vertex normal based weight for grass output does not work. I needed to use pixel normal instead.

I still don’t understand exactly where to use this. Basic idea in my mat is:

A Grass Texture
B Rock Texutre
Alpha- World Aligned Blend

The Lerp goes into one Layer Blend name called Terrain.

I think this is all you need. You get the idea of what you should do.

Awesome, thank you so much. I had no idea you could use the node that way, honestly I didn’t even know what it was. All I saw was the quickstart tutorial in the docs. I missed the Tips & Tricks section :frowning: